Pöntinen “Quartet No. 3”

Stefan Pöntinen (b. 1967)

Quartet No. 3 (2012)

The third string quartet by Stefan Pöntinen is written In memory of Mr. Toshihisa Taïra.
The quartet, in three movements, is composed during January until end of March 2012.

Born in Stockholm in 1967, Stefan Pöntinen was very interested in music as a child and began composing at the age of nine. In 1986 he moved to Malmö to study violin at the College of Music at Lund University where his
teacher was the famous Hungarian violinist Endre Wolf.

Since graduating, Stefan Pöntinen has worked as a violinist in Europe, the USA and India. From 1995-98 he studied composition at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris/A. Cortot. with Yoshihisa Taïra and Eugene Kurtz.

In Paris he founded the Ensemble Pöntinen in 1995. The group has specialized in the music of
Stefan Pöntinen and has performed mainly in Europe.
He was visiting violin professor at the Amati Conservatory in Granada, Spain in 1993-95 and at the
Bangalore School of Music, India in 2005-06.

Mr. Pöntinen has been commissioned works by the Gotland Chambermusic Festival, Trio
Tempra, Cappella Lundensis and Svensk Musik. In 2010 the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra performed the world premiere of ”Theodore”, conducted by Joachim Gustafsson.

His music  has been performed by various artists in Sweden, Norway, Denmark,
Poland, Russia, Germany, Ireland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Netherlands, France, Spain, India
and in the US.

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