Teirstein “Restless Nation (Excerpts)”

Andy Teirstein (b. 1952)

Restless Nation (Excerpts) (2010)

Andy Teirstein’s work is inspired by the rich and diverse folk roots of modern culture. His music has been described by The New York Times and The Village Voice as “magical,” “ingenious,” and “superbly crafted.”

“Inspiration for the piece comes from my sabbatical year (2008) from New York University, where I am a professor.  I took my two children out of school, purchased a pop-up camper on ebay, and travelled across the country on a home-schooling expedition. We worked for people in many states, and also learned songs from the regions. The quartet is a musical evocation of the children’s perspective.

Movement II – Our Teachers…Flora and Fauna
In the Smokey Mountains crickets and cicadas emerge from the ground every thirteen years to mate and die in one day. The movement begins with the voices of the insects, inviting the children into the animal night world. Deeper imaginings of the children are expressed in the middle 5/4 section of the movement.

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