Thoresen “Pyr Aionion, for string quartet, Op. 26”

Lasse Thoresen (b. 1949)

Pyr Aionion, for string quartet, Op. 26 

Lasse Thoresen (b. 1949) is a professor of composition at the Norwegian State Academy of Music where he has taught composition, electro-acoustic music, and sonology since 1975. From 1988 to 2000, Mr. Thoresen occupied the principal chair of composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo where he is still teaching composition. He is influenced by Norwegian folk music, French spectral music and Harry Partch’s tonal system , as well as from his ethno-musical studies of the folk music from his own country and from Asia. Mr. Thoresen has been using microtonal principles in a number of his works since 1985. His pioneer work on musical analysis has attracted international attention.

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