Why Support the Hot Springs Music Festival?


For over 20 years, the Hot Springs Music Festival, continues as a cornerstone of cultural excellence in Hot Springs.

Successfully navigating its transition to new leadership, the new staff and board of the Hot Springs Music Festival have proven the Festival is a committed partner dedicated to serving the local community and international music community into the future.

Financial Responsibility:

The Hot Springs Music Festival is our community’s symphony orchestra.

A year round orchestra would require a minimum annual budget in the range of $500K to $1.1 million. With its annual budget of approximately $200,000, the Festival has pioneered a responsible, lean and sustainable model for bringing great musical art to our local community.


The Hot Springs Music Festival’s mission is twofold: (1) to provide performance experience and mentorship opportunities to especially talented international pre-professional musicians, and (2) to provide high-quality music performances and performing arts-related activities at reasonable cost to residents of and visitors to Arkansas and the Hot Springs community.

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