Hot Springs Music Festival CD Recordings

The Hot Springs Music Festival has recorded 6 CDs which are now available worldwide on the NAXOS American Classics Label. CDs may be purchased at Music Festival concerts, through,, major record stores, or by contacting our office at 501.623.4763. For more information about the recordings, visit the “Recordings” category on our website! she […]

Jazz Nocturne – American Concertos of the Jazz Age

Jazz Nocturne: American Concertos of the Jazz Age Yamekraw: A Negro Rhapsody, orchestrated by William Grant Still James P. Johnson, a highly influential African-American jazz pianist who also wrote popular songs and composed classical works, was the founder of the stride piano idiom, a crucial figure in the transition from ragtime to jazz. Growing up […]

Louis Moreau Gottschalk – Complete Works for Orchestra

Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869) Complete Works for Orchestra Known to his New Orleans friends as the “Chopin of the Creoles”, Louis Moreau Gottschalk might also be called “the Crescent City ‘s Schubert”. Like Schubert, Gottschalk composed lyrical works for piano and understood every subtlety of the human voice. Like Schubert, too, he succeeded in taking […]

Jerome Moross

Jerome Moross (1913-1983) Frankie and Johnny • Those Everlasting Blues • Willie the Weeper A native New Yorker, Jerome Moross began piano lessons at the age of five and was composing by the time he was eight. In a feat of musical and logistical virtuosity, he held a Juilliard School of Music conducting fellowship while […]

Charles Lucien Lambert Sr. and Jr.

Charles Lucien Lambert Sr. (c. 1828 – 1896) Lucien-Leon Guillaume Lambert Jr. (1858 – 1945) In many ways surpassing even Edmond Dede among black New Orleanians who had musical careers abroad were the half-brothers Lucien and Sidney Lambert (c.1838-c.1900). Their father, Dede’s early teacher Charles Richard Lambert, was their first teacher. Lucien was born in […]

Edmond Dédé

Edmond Dédé (1827-1901) Eugene Arcade Dédé Edmond Dédé was born free in New Orleans on 20 November 1827. His parents were free Creoles of color who had immigrated to New Orleans around 1809 from the French West Indies. His father became chef de musique of a local militia unit and was the boy’s first professor. […]